Thursday, April 5, 2007

Blog Slog?

I was reluctant to start this blog for a number of reasons. Serendipitously, a witty op-art artist helped me explain one reason why in today's New York Times...

Seriously, though, are those of us who love technology and its potential to democratize the world (yes, I count myself as one of them... but still...) taking ourselves a bit too seriously? Are blogs in danger of becoming the next bastion of elitism, with a handful that are "names" read by many but most ignored? Do people really take the time and read others' blogs or have they become another vestige of a narcissistic culture in which we all bloviate what we think just because we love to hear our own voices?

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Michael said...

Funny but blogs are the tool of the elite and the everyday person. Every kid with a myspace page has a blog. Grandparents have blogs. Really smart people with good ideas that would never have been heard before now have a stage on which to stand. If a person has a tendency to take themselves too seriously that will come across regardless of what medium is used - newspaper, TV, journals.